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On Monday the 15th April our beautiful imported Spanish girl Giselle (Honorina Giselle of Trebons Berger Blanc imp ESP) gave birth to her beautiful puppies. This will be Giselle's final litter.  Giselle is a great Mum and is doing a wonderful job taking care of all her babies. The sire of this litter is Romeo (Ch Pandorras Romeo's Dragon imp NZL).  This is Romeo's second litter with Giselle and we look forward to watching this beautiful litter grow into stunning adults.  Puppies will have lovely long white coats,  strong pigment , lovely structure and movement. Both Giselle and Romeo have excellent hip and elbow scores and are both clear of genetically passed breed specific illnesses so their puppies will also be clear. These puppies will make  loving and loyal companions to families who include them as part of their daily life. They will be of medium to high drive and should do well at ANKC Dog sports and disciplines if given the training and opportunity.
The photo of Giselle and her puppies above was taken when the puppies were 7 days old. The individual photos below were taken at 27 days old.
The puppies registered names with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) will all be names of roses.  We also have a link to more puppy photos of the same litter taken from 7 days old through the Google Photos link towards the bottom of this page.
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Pink Girl
Royal Blue Boy
Chocolate Boy
Yellow Boy
Red Boy
Orange Boy
Black Boy
Light Blue Boy

Puppy Videos

For more pictures of this litter, click here.

Pedigree of this Litter
Click on any picture to get an enlarged view and linkup to 'Pedigree Database'. Once there, thorough research can be done on all dogs listed in this pedigree.
Pedigree of Honorina Giselle of Trebons Berger Blanc Pedigree of Aust CH Pandorras Romeo's-Dragon
CH Moonshine Miraja CH Moonshine Miraja     Ice Cool of Haeley's Future Ic Cool of Haeley's Future     Ch Chesto of Trebons Berger Blanc

CH Chesto of Trebons Berger Blanc

    Honorina Giselle of Trebons Berger Blanc female  
Leslee of Haely's Future Leslee of Haely's Future female   male  
Nice of You to Come Bye Mojo Nice of You to Come Bye Mojo   Nice of You to Come Bye Wonder  Nice of Your to Come Bye Wonder female   male  

Tica Cheri of the Heart of Lothian Tica Cheri of the Heart of Lothian

Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng

Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng

  Horsebo Muffin

 Horsebo Muffin

CH Horsebo Quite a Lady CH Horsebo Quite a Lady

Horsebo Cocos Horsebo Cocos female male  
Al-Pacino of Haely's Future Al-Pacino of Haely's Future   Horsebo 7-up

Horsebo 7-up

CH Enjoy of White Sunshine CH Enjoy of White Sunshine female      

Aust CH Pandorras Romeo's-Dragon

    NZ CH Vivid Daydream Warden-Whitby     White Wolf O'Connor     Cysgod Arian
  male   female Aldermaston Eira Wen
male   female Vivid Daydream A Summer Angel     Suka uit het Noorden
      female Amarushaya con der Nordhelle
      female NZ CH Dreamworks TIme to Shine Zucchero Meldolesi     Donar oet Grunnen
  male   female Yukidi casa Praderio
      female Strawberry Ice van Vlerckensteyn  


Bandit the White Star
      female Kara Tirshka van Vlerckensteyn

Rosamontana White Swiss Shepherd Dogs - A Class Apart