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Rosamontana Current and Upcoming Litters

Puppies are available to:

Pet / Companion homes only. Not for showing or breeding. ANKC Limited Register:  $ 4000

During the COVD-19 pandemic our puppies will only be available to go to local, Western Australian, homes.

For expressions of interest in any future Rosamontana litter you can either click here to download and submit the Rosamontana puppy questionnaire, click here to fill out  and submit our online puppy questionnaire or simply contact us at



The Raising of a Rosamontana White Swiss Shepherd Puppy

All Rosamontana Puppies are born in a safe and quiet climate controlled area of our family home. A familiar and comfortable environment for the Dam is a priority for us.  Our puppies are NEVER born or raised in other peoples homes or by surrogate carers. We make sure we are available to assist if necessary and have vets on call close by should the need arise. They are raised on a surface of regularly cleaned, sterile towels with underlying blankets. The towels provide comfort and grip for their developing joints and muscles. The surfaces a puppy is raised on are vitally important to their initial and long term physical development. Once 4 to 5 weeks they spend their days in our wooden floored, climate controlled puppy cubby with surrounding puppy proof yard which give them plenty of room for freedom of movement to help with development of joints and muscle tone. Puppies are introduced little by little to sights and sounds around the house, then our garden/puppy cubby and playground, then the general outdoors on their outings. In puppy safe areas and at the appropriate times they gain from interaction with our other White Swiss Shepherds and with other people to aid in their social development which is vitally important for this breed.
The future families of all Rosamontana puppies receive regular photo and video updates to watch the puppies grow and develop. All photos and videos taken of the puppies are free to download. We firmly believe adopting a Rosamontana White Swiss Shepherd puppy should be a very special and memorable experience, they are destined to become a new member of your family, that is why we offer comprehensive remote viewing of all puppies through pictures and videos until they are due to leave us for their homes in Australia and around the World. We offer local families a chance to meet and interact with the puppies at a time suitable from when the puppies are around 6 weeks old.
Whilst with us, the puppies are not only under constant care and never left alone, they are also taken (when they are old enough) on regular outings in our purpose bought van to puppy safe areas to build on their socialisation and physical development. Up until the time they leave us they are fed only the best home cooked meals of  human grade chicken, minced beef, rice and a variety of vegetables as well as puppy milk and natural yoghurt with a supplemental dry food supply of a premium grade commercial dog food. It is important to note that the Dam is given only the best in home cooked meals, yoghurt and puppy milk also in order to keep her weight and strength up and provide vital sustenance for her new puppies. We firmly believe a Dam kept in super condition whilst feeding her pups will provide her puppies with the best start in life and maintain her own health too.
Because of the care and attention that is lavished on a Rosamontana puppy, they leave us healthy and well adjusted, of the correct weight for their age and completely free of fleas and parasites. This gives them the best start in life with their new families. We are available via email or Facebook if anyone has any questions or queries and yes, we love getting new photos and updates from all our puppies new homes and families!!
When a Rosamontana Puppy leaves for their new home we include a puppy pack containing a toy with familiar smells, delicious treats, collar, food sample and useful information regarding raising a puppy. Puppies also come pedigree registered with the Australian National Kennel Council, they are microchipped, vaccinated, regularly wormed and flea/mite treated with Revolution before leaving us. Rosamontana White Swiss Shepherd Dogs will also organise all flight details (which are charged at cost) and provide a free home to airport drop off service. Future families are constantly updated regarding pickup and flight details so once a puppy is chosen, we take care of the rest.
Once a Rosamontana puppy reaches 3 months of age, local families can bring them along to one of the regular get-togethers we host here in Western Australia. For families outside of Western Australia, the WSSDCA organises get-togethers on a regular basis throughout the year all around Australia. For expressions of interest in a Rosamontana puppy you can either click here to download and submit the Rosamontana puppy questionnaire, click here to fill out and submit our online puppy questionnaire or simply contact us at
Rosamontana White Swiss Shepherd Dogs - A Class Apart