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The Rosamontana White Swiss Shepherd Online Puppy Questionnaire


1. What are the reasons you are looking to adopt a Rosamontana puppy?
Companion / Pet  Show  Breeding  Security / Protection  Obedience / Training  

2. What Activities would you engage in with the puppy?
Basic Training  Obedience  Agility  Flyball  Herding  Tracking  Protection  Showing  

3. Your Residential Status:

4. Where will the puppy be staying?
Indoors  Indoors and Outdoors  Occasionally inside  Outdoors only  Inside at night  Inside at night only  

5. Your Household:

6. Time alone or away from the Primary care giver:

7. Other pets within the household:

8. Time with your puppy:

9. Puppy's environment:

10. Past Dog experience:  

Current coat type available: Long Coat only

Do you have a preference for Gender?

11. When were you hoping to welcome a Rosamontana puppy into your home?

12. General comments:

13. Please press the submit button below to send the questionnaire to us. You will be taken back to the Rosamontana Home page as confirmation the questionnaire has been sent. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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