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Ublong Valentina
Date of birth: 2nd August 2017
Hips: AVA 4:0    Elbows: 1:0
Height: 59cm     Weight: 33Kg
DM: Clear    DNA Profiled: Yes    MDR1: Clear +/+
Sire: CH Vastleynoble Kyrie
Dam: Ublong Talaya

Valentina is a very sweet and cuddly girl who loves her canine and human family alike.  Compared to our other dogs she is fairly quiet and laid back but still loves to be out and about exploring. She is a solid built girl with a very plush long white coat, dark eyes and good pigmentation.   She has an impressive pedigree which will bring some new bloodlines to our breeding program. Thank you to Susan Hampton from Ublong Kennels in South Australia for entrusting us with this beautiful girl.

Valentina returned a good result for her hips and elbows assessment and her DNA is clear of breed specific illnesses. She  has lovely movement and correct tail carriage and full dentition with correct scissor bite. She will be a lovely additional to our breeding program.

For more pictures of Valentina, click here.

Pedigree of Ublong Valentina
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Ublong Valentina
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